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Renewable energy: Present research and future scope of artificial intelligence

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Journal Article

Jha, Sunil Kr., Jasmin Bilalovic, Anju Jha, Nilesh Patel, and Han Zhang. 2017. “Renewable energy: Present research and future scope of artificial intelligence.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 77: 297–317.

The existence of sunlight, air and other resources on earth must be used in an appropriate way for human welfare while still protecting the environment and its living creatures. The exploitation of sunlight and air as a substantial Renewable Energy (RE) source is an important research and development domain over past few years. The present and future overtaking in RE mainly comprises of (i) the development of novel technology for optimum production from the available natural resources (ii) environmental awareness, and (iii) the better management and distribution system. Like other domains (food, health, accommodation, safety, etc.), Artificial Intelligence (AI) could assist in achieving the future goals of the RE. Statistical and biologically inspired AI methods have been implemented in several studies to achieve common and future aims of the RE. The present study summarizes the review of reviews and the state-of-the-art research outcomes related to wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy, ocean energy, bioenergy, hydrogen energy, and hybrid energy. Particularly, the role of single and hybrid AI approaches in research and development of the previously mentioned sources of RE will be comprehensively reviewed.

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