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Internet of Things: Implications for Governance

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Conference Paper

Ponti, Marisa, Marina Micheli, Henk Scholten, and Massimo Craglia. 2019. “Internet of Things: Implications for Governance.” In DigiTranScope Workshop. Ljubljana, Slovenia: European Commission.

This JRC report summarizes the contributions and discussions of the 4th DigiTranScope workshop, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on March 13 and 14, 2019. Participants from academia, industry, consultancy firms and public sector attended the workshop, which examined the Internet of Things and its implications for governance. This is the second theme of the DigiTranScope project which concerns the challenges for governance of the massive connectedness of people, objects, and devices capable of sharing information, data and resources and interacting with the surrounding environment. The relevance of the theme emerge from the significant role played by the IoT in the context of what is often referred to as smart or intelligent government, which is considered a highest modernization phase of the public sector. Therefore, all over in the world, governments look at the IoT as a source of growth and innovation, trying to tap its potential to improve the use of public resources and increase the effectiveness of public services. The two-day workshop consisted of three topical sessions which were meant to provide an exchange of information and experience on the following themes: 1. Agency of the IoT Network and Locus of Control 2. Shifting the Balance and Change of Data Ownership 3. New Forms of Governance – Looking Forward

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