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Drone Technology in Precision Agriculture: Are There No Environmental Concerns?

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Journal Article

Dawodu, Ade. 2020. “Drone Technology in Precision Agriculture: Are There No Environmental Concerns?” Journal of Environment and Earth Science 10 (9): 86.

The adoption of drones in precision agriculture is expanding at a rapid rate, and expected to rise even faster as improvements in the technology result in cheaper models. Studies on the economic impact of drone technology in precision agriculture present optimistic projections of increased global food production. But increased food production almost always comes with significant environmental concerns. This paper examines the environmental concerns of drone technology in precision agriculture. The methodology of this paper is theoretical analysis and extrapolation of current literature in order to reveal the gap which future research needs to fill. While proposing a new area that has not received the close attention of experts and researchers, the paper reveals future scenarios of environmental issues around the various methods of drone applications in agricultural practices. Keywords: Drone technology, precision agriculture, agricultural practices, environmental impact, food security words.

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