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Challenges to Implement Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Sustainability

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Conference Paper

Mogha, Harshita, and Nitasha Hasteer. 2023. “Challenges to Implement Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Sustainability.” In Recent Developments in Energy and Environmental Engineering, edited by Rafid Al Khaddar, S. K. Singh, N. D. Kaushika, R. K. Tomar, and S. K. Jain, 397–410. Singapore: Springer Nature.

In this study, we conducted a comprehensive literature assessment of highly influential works that focused on artificial intelligence and its advantages for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental sustainability. The systematic literature review method employed was PRISMA 2020. Environmental challenges, such as pollution control, the extinction of species, climate change, transportation, waste management, and others, are among the most pressing concerns of the modern day. IoT along with Artificial Intelligence technologies can play a significant part in addressing these problems. This work brings forth the challenges to implement Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Sustainability. The findings reveal that Artificial Intelligence is dependent on complex data which is at risk due to security threats.

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