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A Technology Tries a Leap

David Rejeski

May 2023

Quantum computing is considered one of the most promising technologies. It enables the processing of huge amounts of data at a speed that is unattainable for conventional computers. Mastering this technology could help reduce energy and resource use while enhancing agricultural productivity, making better electric vehicle batteries, modeling the climate, or creating novel materials to remove carbon from the atmosphere. However, despite major development advances in recent years, it is not yet possible to predict when quantum computers will be ready for practical use. David Rejeski, a industrial and environmental designer and Associate Researcher in the "Digitization, Sustainability and Participation" research group at the Weizenbaum Institute, has been researching the environmental impact and sustainability of new technologies for many years. In a new article in the journal "The Environmental Forum", he explains what quantum computing is actually about, traces the current state of development, outlines the potentials and challenges of this new technology, and discusses how it might contribute to more resource efficiency and sustainability.

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