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Toward a collaborative governance model for distributed ledger technology adoption in organizations

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Journal Article

Anthony Jnr., Bokolo. 2022. “Toward a Collaborative Governance Model for Distributed Ledger Technology Adoption in Organizations.” Environment Systems and Decisions 42 (2): 276–94.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is one of the emerging technologies adopted in organizations. Unlike traditional databases, the integrity of the DLT is maintained automatically by an algorithmic consensus mechanism and not by any dominant authority. Thus, the consensus mechanism controls the decision-making and governance process. But the adoption of DLT is faced with issues regarding how to ensure that governance decisions in distributed ledger systems in the interest of all actors and stakeholders involved in the operations of organizational operations. Therefore, it is imperative to provides a better understanding of the governance of DLT adoption in organizations. Accordingly, this study conducts an extensive literature review to investigate the governance issues and control of DLT adoption in intra-organizational domain. Findings from this study presents state-of-the-art governance practices to offer a comprehensive understanding on key governance issues in organizations. Additionally, the findings present factors associated with governance of DLT adoption solutions. More importantly, a governance model is developed to enhance the adoption of DLT adoption to accelerate the digitalization of organizational operations.

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