The Role of Digital Technologies in Responding to the Grand Challenges of the Natural Environment: The Windermere Accord

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Gordon S. Blair
Richard Bassett
Lucy Bastin
Lindsay Beevers
Maribel Isabel Borrajo
Mike Brown
Sarah L. Dance
Ada Dionescu
Liz Edwards
Maria Angela Ferrario
Rob Fraser
Harriet Fraser
Simon Gardner
Peter Henrys
Tony Hey
Stuart Homann
Chantal Huijbers
James Hutchison
Phil Jonathan
Rob Lamb
Sophie Laurie
Amber Leeson
David Leslie
Malcolm McMillan
Vatsala Nundloll
Oluwole Oyebamiji
Jordan Phillipson
Vicky Pope
Rachel Prudden
Stefan Reis
Maria Salama
Faiza Samreen
Dino Sejdinovic
Will Simm
Roger Street
Lauren Thornton
Ross Towe
Joshua Vande Hey
Massimo Vieno
Joanne Waller
John Watkins

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