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The Impact of Green ICT Adoption in Organizations of Developing Countries

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Thabit, Thabit, Sid Ahmed Hadj Aissa, and Yaser Jasim. 2021. “The Impact of Green ICT Adoption in Organizations of Developing Countries.” SSRN Scholarly Paper. Rochester, NY: Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Green information and communication technology (Green ICT) is a new term that follows purchasing and using though into how ICT is possible used to minimize various aspects of our environmental impact and goes on to address how the use of smart technology could make many other processes more efficient.This paper describes the factors that influence on organizations that adopt (Green ICT) in Iraq. Many questionnaires were distributed among managers of Iraqi organizations, where fuzzy logic system is used for analyzing them. the researchers find many results in this paper, the most significant result is the adoption of Green ICT by organizations in Iraq are probably affected by several factors which are costs, government legislation, political and social pressures, enlighten self-interest, the responsibility of environmental system business, and new opportunities of the market and this effect can be negative or positive according to the environmental and political conditions.

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