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The cryptocurrency uncertainties and investment transitions: Evidence from high and low carbon energy funds in China

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Journal Article

Yan, Lei, Nawazish Mirza, and Muhammad Umar. 2022. “The Cryptocurrency Uncertainties and Investment Transitions: Evidence from High and Low Carbon Energy Funds in China.” Technological Forecasting and Social Change 175 (February): 121326.

Due to the investment and diversification potential, cryptocurrencies are considered to be attractive for both sophisticated and amateur investors. However, the high levels of electricity consumption of the hashing is a significant environmental concern, specifically in China, with dominant coal-based electricity production. This paper assesses the impact of price and policy uncertainties of the cryptocurrencies on the investment flows of the funds that have been sorted as per their exposure towards coal and natural gas firms. Therefore, we have employed the data for 1920 funds, between the time span pertaining to the years 2014 and 2021. Our findings show that both policy and price uncertainty tend to have an impact on the investment flows in high carbon funds, while these uncertainties have no relationship with the low emission funds. The results also indicate that the impact tends to be more profound for the younger funds. The performance of cryptos and their link with investment flows can limit the transition to low carbon sustainable options. We therefore propose that policymakers further ensure a swift adoption of renewable resources for electricity production, in order to successfully mitigate the climate impact. This could ultimately aid in promoting green investment flows.

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