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Sustainable urban mobility in the sharing economy: Digital platforms, collaborative governance, and innovative transportation

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Journal Article

Meilă, Alexandra Dana. 2018. “Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Sharing Economy: Digital Platforms, Collaborative Governance, and Innovative Transportation.” Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 10 (1): 130–36.

Research evidence (e.g. Cassetta et al., 2017; Ma et al., 2018a,b; Vazifeh et al., 2018) suggests that nearly all sharing mobility business patterns give hope of green and affordable urban transport. Using data from APTA, Dalia Research, McKinsey & Company, The National League of Cities, The Shared-Use Mobility Center, Statista, I performed analyses and made estimates regarding continued growth potential for shared mobility, cities’ regulatory response to the sharing economy, and shared mobility services booked online. Empirical and secondary data are used to support the claim that the swiftly expanded processes of sharing mobility business patterns have frequently brought about considerable disorder and tensions to city governance.

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