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Socio-Technological Challenges and Opportunities: Paths Forward

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Wu, Carole-Jean, Srilatha Manne, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Sarah Bird, and Shane Greenstein. 2021. “Socio-Technological Challenges and Opportunities: Paths Forward.” arXiv.

Advancements in digital technologies have a bootstrapping effect. The past fifty years of technological innovations from the computer architecture community have brought innovations and orders-of-magnitude efficiency improvements that engender use cases that were not previously possible -- stimulating novel application domains and increasing uses and deployments at an ever-faster pace. Consequently, computing technologies have fueled significant economic growth, creating education opportunities, enabling access to a wider and more diverse spectrum of information, and, at the same time, connecting people of differing needs in the world together. Technology must be offered that is inclusive of the world's physical, cultural, and economic diversity, and which is manufactured, used, and recycled with environmental sustainability at the forefront. For the next decades to come, we envision significant cross-disciplinary efforts to build a circular development cycle by placing pervasive connectivity, sustainability, and demographic inclusion at the design forefront in order to sustain and expand the benefits of a technologically rich society. We hope this work will inspire our computing community to take broader and more holistic approaches when developing technological solutions to serve people from different parts of the world.

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