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Smart technologies for promotion of energy efficiency, utilization of sustainable resources and waste management

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Journal Article

Nižetić, Sandro, Nedjib Djilali, Agis Papadopoulos, and Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues. 2019. “Smart technologies for promotion of energy efficiency, utilization of sustainable resources and waste management.” Journal of Cleaner Production 231 (September): 565–91.

The role of smart technologies can become very important and useful to solve the main population issues nowadays and provide foundations for a sustainable future. A smart approach is an opportunity for knowledge integration, necessary to solve crucial problems of contemporary societies. Today, the main challenge is to reduce the effects of global warming and ensure a balanced economic development of society. The close collaboration of all involved engineering professions is mandatory to achieve interdisciplinary synergies and can bridge challenging engineering tasks. Intense research efforts should be directed towards balanced resource utilization, efficient energy conversion technologies, integration of renewable energy systems, effective approaches to enable circular economy framework, effective process integration as well as other issues important to the population. This review editorial is primarily focused on the contributions presented at the 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies held in Split, Croatia, in 2018 (SpliTech2018). The SpliTech2018 conference was a multidisciplinary event with research topics related to the main conference tracks, i.e. Smart City/Environment, Energy, Engineering Modelling and e-Health. The strategic focus of the conference was to help solve crucial issues of our times, mainly related to the sustainability and smart utilisation of limited and valuable resources. This contribution brings new ideas and discusses present issues as well as challenges that should lead towards a sustainable future based on the application of the smart technologies. The herein addressed papers bring together latest research progress into four main topic areas: (i) Green Buildings, Energy Use and Consumption, (ii) Solar Energy Utilisation, (iii) Efficiency and Waste Elimination, (iv) Smart Cities and Internet of Things. The main results of this introduction review article include a discussion of different concepts and technologies that bring further development on a broad range of topics focused on efficiency improvement, smart and sustainable resource management, cleaner production concepts and on the discussion of the various actions which would lead towards a sustainable future.

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