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Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Adoption for Circular Economies

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Conference Paper

Steenmans, K., P. Taylor, and I. Steenmans. 2021. “Regulatory Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Adoption for Circular Economies.” In , 572–77.

The literature on blockchain technology and circular economy is at a nascent stage, with only initial limited and superficial recognition of the possible role blockchain may have in supporting circular economy laws and policies. This paper contributes to this emerging area by exploring the regulatory opportunities and challenges for adoption of blockchain for circular waste management. In particular, through a mixed methods approach combining empirical and doctrinal research, this paper presents initial findings on: (1) the current role of blockchain within the legal landscape on circular economies; (2) the regulatory barriers of blockchain application to circular economies; and (3) opportunities of blockchain in supporting regulatory mechanisms promoting circularity. © 2021 IEEE.

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