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On big data, artificial intelligence and smart cities

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Journal Article

Allam, Zaheer, and Zaynah A. Dhunny. 2019. “On Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities.” Cities 89 (June): 80–91.

Cities are increasingly turning towards specialized technologies to address issues related to society, ecology, morphology and many others. The emerging concept of Smart Cities highly encourages this prospect by promoting the incorporation of sensors and Big Data through the Internet of Things (IoT). This surge of data brings new possibilities in the design and management of cities just as much as economic prospects. While Big Data processing through Artificial Intelligence (AI) can greatly contribute to the urban fabric, sustainability and liveability dimensions however must not be overlooked in favour of technological ones. This paper reviews the urban potential of AI and proposes a new framework binding AI technology and cities while ensuring the integration of key dimensions of Culture, Metabolism and Governance; which are known to be primordial in the successful integration of Smart Cities for the compliance to the Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda. This paper is aimed towards Policy Makers, Data Scientists and Engineers who are looking at enhancing the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Smart Cities with an aim to increase the liveability of the urban fabric while boosting economic growth and opportunities.

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