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Mining Cryptocurrency-Based Security Using Renewable Energy as Source

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Journal Article

Gundaboina, L., S. Badotra, T.K. Bhatia, K. Sharma, G. Mehmood, M. Fayaz, and I.U. Khan. 2022. “Mining Cryptocurrency-Based Security Using Renewable Energy as Source.” Security and Communication Networks 2022.

Cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology using renewable energy as the main electricity source has gained attention for sustainable development in financial areas. However, very few studies have been reported concerning the power usage of cryptocurrencies using renewable energy. In this article, we report the effect of overclocking and undervolting on power usage and the hash rate for mining dogecoin with solar energy as renewable energy. The mining rig used in this work consists of different graphics processing units (GPUs) and non-LHR (lite hash rate) cards. The UnMineable software has been used for mining dogecoin as well as for wallet integration. The results indicate that mining dogecoin with solar energy as renewable energy consumes 2000 Watts power with overclocking and 1700 Watts power with undervolting technique. This work implicates the potential future of crypto-mining with renewable energy and the hardware configuration associated with it, which is expected to reduce e-waste and improve sustainable development. To reduce the e-waste and high electricity consumption, we have introduced two important techniques named GPU optimization and use of renewable energy for mining, which helps the miners to reduce the e-waste and electricity consumption significantly at the same time getting most out of the GPU by not having any impact on the environment. © 2022 Lokesh Gundaboina et al.

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