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Iot in supply chain management: a narrative on retail sector sustainability

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Journal Article

Vass, Tharaka de, Himanshu Shee, and Shah J. Miah. 2020. “Iot in supply chain management: a narrative on retail sector sustainability.” International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 1–20.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a global platform of Internet-connected smart devices that strengthens the supply chain ICT infrastructure for greater integration within an organisation and externally with suppliers and customers. However, the IoT literature so far remains theoretical and excessively focused on its technology and potential applications, with a very limited revelation of its operational benefits. Therefore, the study explores the ground reality of IoT impact on supply chain integration and performance. Twelve semi-structured interviews with managers from the Australian retail industry were thematically analysed using NVivo. The findings reveal that multiple IoT forms provide additional capabilities in data auto-capture, visibility, intelligence, and information sharing for greater integration of retail supply chains. That, in turn, enhances supply chain performance in cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility dimensions to improve firm financial, social, and environmental sustainability. The study outlines the theoretical and practical contributions arising from the deployment of IoT.

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