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IoT based Smart Agriculture

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Journal Article

Gondchawar, Nikesh, and Rameshwar Kawitkar. n.d. “IoT based Smart Agriculture.” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering 5 (6).

Agriculture plays vital role in the development of agricultural country. In India about 70% of population depends upon farming and one third of the nation’s capital comes from farming. Issues concerning agriculture have been always hindering the development of the country. The only solution to this problem is smart agriculture by modernizing the current traditional methods of agriculture. Hence the project aims at making agriculture smart using automation and IoT technologies. The highlighting features of this project includes smart GPS based remote controlled robot to perform tasks like weeding, spraying, moisture sensing, bird and animal scaring, keeping vigilance, etc. Secondly it includes smart irrigation with smart control and intelligent decision making based on accurate real time field data. Thirdly, smart warehouse management which includes temperature maintenance, humidity maintenance and theft detection in the warehouse. Controlling of all these operations will be through any remote smart device or computer connected to Internet and the operations will be performed by interfacing sensors, Wi-Fi or ZigBee modules, camera and actuators with micro-controller and raspberry pi.

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