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IoT Based Intelligent Agriculture Field Monitoring System

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Conference Paper

Ashifuddin Mondal, Md, and Zeenat Rehena. 2018. “IoT Based Intelligent Agriculture Field Monitoring System.” In 2018 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence), 625–29. Noida: IEEE.

Agriculture is becoming an important growing sector throughout the world due to increasing population. Major challenge in agriculture sector is to improve farm productivity and quality of farming without continuous manual monitoring to meet the rapidly growing demand for food. Apart from increasing population, the climate change is also a big concern in agricultural sector. The purpose of this research work is to propose a smart farming method based on Internet of Things (IoT) to deal with the adverse situations. The smart farming can be adopted which offer high precision crop control, collection of useful data and automated farming technique. This work presents an intelligent agriculture field monitoring system which monitors soil humidity and temperature. After processing the sensed data it takes necessary action based on these values without human intervention. Here temperature and moisture of the soil are measured and these sensed values are stored in ThingSpeak [11] cloud for future data analysis.

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