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IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology

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Conference Paper

Jaiganesh, S., K. Gunaseelan, and V. Ellappan. 2017. “IOT agriculture to improve food and farming technology.” In 2017 Conference on Emerging Devices and Smart Systems (ICEDSS), 260–66. Mallasamudram, Tiruchengode, India: IEEE.

The paper researches the part of Internet of Things (IOT) in Agricultural Sector. Today agriculture is inserted with propel benefit like GPS, sensors that empower to impart to each other break down the information and further more trade information among them. IT gives benefit as cloud to farming. Agriculture cloud and IT benefit gives an exceptional ability administration to ranchers with respect to development of yields, estimating, composts ,maladies detail technique for cure to be utilized Scientist taking a shot at agriculture will give their disclosures, proposals with respect to cutting edge procedures for development ,utilization of manures can get the history of the area. The review depended on applying a cloud construct application in light of agriculture. This depends on agro-cloud that upgrade agricultural generation and accessibility of information identified with research extends in the fizzled, the effect of doing this will spare the cost and time make the correspondence simpler and speedier. This paper would advance a ton of research in the region of use of IOT in agriculture.

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