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IoT agriculture system based on LoRaWAN

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Conference Paper

Davcev, Danco, Kosta Mitreski, Stefan Trajkovic, Viktor Nikolovski, and Nikola Koteli. 2018. “IoT agriculture system based on LoRaWAN.” In 2018 14th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS), 1–4. Imperia: IEEE.

In the last years, besides the implementation in the smart city applications, IoT has also found significant place in the agricultural and food production process. In the paper we present an innovative, power efficient and highly scalable IoT agricultural system. This system is based on LoRaWAN network for long range and low power consumption data transmission from the sensor nodes to the cloud services. Our system of cloud services is highly scalable and utilizes data stream for analytics purposes. In our case study we show some preliminary results for grape farm.

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