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ICT, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Panel of ASEAN

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Journal Article

Lee, Jung Wan, and Tantatape Brahmasrene. 2014. “ICT, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Panel of ASEAN.” Global Economic Review 43 (2): 93–109.

This study examines relationships among information communications technology (ICT), carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and economic growth. The panel annual data are constructed from 1991 to 2009 for nine members from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The study examines the long-run equilibrium relationship using cointegration techniques and the short-run relationships using cointegrating regression estimation methods. Test results indicate a long-run equilibrium relationship exists among these variables. Among these relationships, ICT shows significant to highly significant positive effects on both economic growth and CO2 emissions. Significant to highly significant inverse bidirectional relationships between economic growth and CO2 emissions are found in the region. Based on these empirical findings, further policy implications for economic growth, ICT and CO2 emissions are discussed.

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