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ICNN: An iterative implementation of convolutional neural networks to enable energy and computational complexity aware dynamic approximation

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Conference Paper

Neshatpour, Katayoun, Farnaz Behnia, Houman Homayoun, and Avesta Sasan. 2018. “ICNN: An Iterative Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks to Enable Energy and Computational Complexity Aware Dynamic Approximation.” In 2018 Design, Automation Test in Europe Conference Exhibition (DATE), 551–56.

With Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) becoming more of a commodity in the computer vision field, many have attempted to improve CNN in a bid to achieve better accuracy to a point that CNN accuracies have surpassed that of human's capabilities. However, with deeper networks, the number of computations and consequently the power needed per classification has grown considerably. In this paper, we propose Iterative CNN (ICNN) by reformulating the CNN from a single feed-forward network to a series of sequentially executed smaller networks. Each smaller network processes a sub-sample of input image, and features extracted from previous network, and enhances the classification accuracy. Upon reaching an acceptable classification confidence, ICNN immediately terminates. The proposed network architecture allows the CNN function to be dynamically approximated by creating the possibility of early termination and performing the classification with far fewer operations compared to a conventional CNN. Our results show that this iterative approach competes with the original larger networks in terms of accuracy while incurring far less computational complexity by detecting many images in early iterations.

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