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How can artificial intelligence impact sustainability: A systematic literature review

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Journal Article

Kar, Arpan Kumar, Shweta Kumari Choudhary, and Vinay Kumar Singh. 2022. “How Can Artificial Intelligence Impact Sustainability: A Systematic Literature Review.” Journal of Cleaner Production 376 (November): 134120.

We need a proper mechanism to manage issues related to our environment, economy, and society to proceed toward sustainability. Many researchers have worked for sustainable development goals using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop an efficient mechanism to facilitate a circular economy and link up the needs of the present generation without disconcerting the capability of coming generations. This study offers a comprehensive review of AI and sustainability and suggested future research scope. The review has focused on different use cases in industries like construction, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and water. The systematic review is based on 287 papers selected out of 8341 search results with an application of PRISMA based method. Out of all the techniques used in sustainability regression, RL and DSS-based AI models are more popular than others. The review also provides directions surrounding which industrial sectors are using which methods for incorporating sustainable development practices in their organization.

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