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GREENER principles for environmentally sustainable computational science

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Journal Article

Lannelongue, Loïc, Hans-Erik G. Aronson, Alex Bateman, Ewan Birney, Talia Caplan, Martin Juckes, Johanna McEntyre, Andrew D. Morris, Gerry Reilly, and Michael Inouye. 2023. “GREENER Principles for Environmentally Sustainable Computational Science.” Nature Computational Science 3 (6): 514–21.

The carbon footprint of scientific computing is substantial, but environmentally sustainable computational science (ESCS) is a nascent field with many opportunities to thrive. To realize the immense green opportunities and continued, yet sustainable, growth of computer science, we must take a coordinated approach to our current challenges, including greater awareness and transparency, improved estimation and wider reporting of environmental impacts. Here, we present a snapshot of where ESCS stands today and introduce the GREENER set of principles, as well as guidance for best practices moving forward.

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