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Generated Data, Artificial Intelligence, Power Asymmetries and Quality of Experience

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Antoniou, Josephina, and Orestis Tringides. 2023. “Generated Data, Artificial Intelligence, Power Asymmetries and Quality of Experience.” In Effects of Data Overload on User Quality of Experience, edited by Josephina Antoniou and Orestis Tringides, 73–93. EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

AI and big data systems are often referred to as smart information systems, where the AI technology makes use of big data to develop and use new technological products across many areas such as education, governance, healthcare, etc. After introducing the idea of smart information systems, the chapter discusses the challenges of such systems. For instance, training an AI model requires a huge amount of data, which is not always available. A solution to using existing datasets as they are is to use generated/synthetic data. This is further investigated and modelled in this chapter.

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