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Evaluating sustainability of sharing economy business models

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Journal Article

Daunorienė, Asta, Aura Drakšaitė, Vytautas Snieska, and Gitana Valodkienė. 2015. “Evaluating sustainability of sharing economy business models.” Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 213 (December): 836–41.

Decreased consumer trust, increased unemployment rate, increased availability of technology for hosting an online market drives the growth of sharing economy. The sharing economy provides an ideal lens to explore and contribute to the sustainable development nature. While the sharing economy can contribute to sustainable development and has plenty of room to develop practical issues in driving sustainability there is a lack of sharing economy sustainability empirical studies. This article seeks to provide an approach how to address and estimate sharing economy business models sustainability. This approach aims to determine key sustainability perspectives by using Circles of Sustainability. Key sustainability perspectives have been taken as input to estimate the level of sustainability. This practice can be served as a useful methodology to support decisions toward to sharing economy business models sustainability transition.

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