Environmental Informatics Vis-à-Vis Big Data Analytics: The Geo-Spatial & Sustainable Solutions

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Journal Article

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International Journal of Applied Engineering and Management Letters




Prantosh Paul
P. S. Aithal
A. Bhuimali
Tiwary Kalishankar

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The merging of Environment and allied subjects such as Informatics has led to the development of Environmental Informatics. Environmental Informatics is a perfect solution for Environment related activities with different tools, techniques and sub-technologies of IT, Computing, Computer Science or allied branches. However, among the emerging technologies most prominent is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing (Big Data Analytics). This paper provides a comprehensive study on Environmental Informatics with special reference to the applications of Big Data Analytics. This paper describes the basics of Environmental Informatics, including features, functions, nature, including basics of the Big Data, Analytics as well.