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Energy efficiency for IoT devices in home environments

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Conference Paper

Lutui, Paula Raymond, Brian Cusack, and George Maeakafa. 2018. “Energy efficiency for IoT devices in home environments.” In 2018 IEEE International Conference on Environmental Engineering (EE), 1–6. Milan: IEEE.

The Internet of things (IoT) is a conceptual grouping of technological capabilities that enable not only the interconnectivity of useful devices but also the environmental control of useful experiences. The IoT may be viewed as a multiplicity of connected environments in which a user can control and be controlled by experiences. Environments are populated by sensors, controllers, and other objects, which are principally powered by electricity. As a consequence the growth of the IoT impacts the requirement for renewable energy and energy consumption efficiencies. In this paper we discuss optimizing energy consumption in the IoT smart environment of a home. Optimization by simple design is adopted as the best strategy for planning and regulating energy consumption.

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