Digitally-enabled sustainable supply chains in the 21st century: A review and a research agenda

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Journal Article

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Science of The Total Environment




Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour
Paula De Camargo Fiorini
Nelson Oly Ndubisi
Maciel M. Queiroz
Éderson Luiz Piato

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While the potential benefits of integrating digital technologies and supply chain management have been widely reported, less is known concerning the current state-of-the-art literature on big data-driven sustainable supply chains. Therefore, this study aims to systematise published studies which address the implications of big data for sustainable supply chain management. Through a systematic literature review, this work makes three significant contributions: (a) it provides an overview of extant literature on this topic in recent years; (b) it proposes seven gaps in the literature in order to foster future investigations on big data-driven sustainable supply chains; (c) it offers four lessons for business practitioners aiming to use big data for sustainable supply chain practices. These lessons suggest that: developing big data analytics capability has to become a business priority in order to effectively build competitive sustainable supply chains; big data has benefits for each of the dimensions of the triple-bottom-line in supply chains; the implementation of big data for sustainability in supply chains presents some challenges for firms; the development of complementary organizational capabilities is needed to overcome challenges and facilitate the benefits of big data technology for sustainable supply chain management.