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Digital economy impact on inclusive green growth: intermediary and spatial spillover effects in China

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Ji, Zhongjun, Lin Zhao, Xiaoyu Song, and Xiaotong Gao. 2023. “Digital Economy Impact on Inclusive Green Growth: Intermediary and Spatial Spillover Effects in China.” Environmental Science and Pollution Research 30 (59): 123657–78.

As a new economic form that has emerged from the technological and digital revolution, the digital economy has great benefits to the green development of the economy, protection of the ecological environment, and improvement in social well-being. This study examines whether the digital economy affects the inclusive green growth (IGG). Measurement index system for the digital economy and IGG from 2013 to 2020 in China was constructed and the entropy evaluation method and super-efficiency epsilon-based measure (Super-EBM) model was used to evaluate them. We examined the direct effect, mediation effect, and spatial spillover effect of the digital economy on IGG using the basic regression model, mediating effect model, and the spatial Durbin model. Our results revealed that the development of the digital economy has clear regional differences. The role of digital economy on IGG has positive direct effects and positive spatial spillover effects. The digital economy affects IGG through industrial structure upgrading, so industrial structure upgrading has a significant intermediary effect. By comparing the coefficients, we found that the spatial spillover effects are stronger than the direct effects. Absorbing the spillover of the digital economy in surrounding areas is particularly important for promoting IGG. Heterogeneity analysis revealed that the digital economy is better for IGG and releases more digital dividends in eastern China. Finally, the research conclusions of this paper provide reference for the Chinese government to formulate relevant policies to deepen the integration of digital information technology and IGG, and promote the coordinated development of regional digital economy and IGG.

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