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Developing a Sustainable Concept for Urban Last-Mile Delivery

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Journal Article

Siegfried, Patrick, and John Jiyuan Zhang. 2020. “Developing a Sustainable Concept for Urban Last-Mile Delivery.” Open Journal of Business and Management 9 (1): 268–87.

In relation to the fast development of e-commerce and rapid increasing of parcels, urban logistic sector is facing the challenge of sustainability. Especially, last-mile delivery as the last step of goods transport, it connects to customers’ satisfaction, cost efficiency of logistic companies, and more and more public expectations to sustainability of urban logistics. To handle with the complexity of urban logistics conditions, governments and logistics companies should develop a co-operating strategy for sustainability of urban last-mile delivery. This paper is based on data collection from the long-term empirical research and a survey to the e-commerce users in Germany and China to develop a sustainable concept for the urban last-mile delivery. The key to the development of concept is to create a balance among the requirements of customers, the competition abilities of logistics companies and the public interest.

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