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Crypto-trading: Blockchain-oriented energy market

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Conference Paper

Mannaro, Katiuscia, Andrea Pinna, and Michele Marchesi. 2017. “Crypto-trading: Blockchain-oriented energy market.” In 2017 AEIT International Annual Conference, 1–5. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Blockchain - software technology used for peer-to-peer transaction platforms - is being increasingly applied to alternative opportunities for a variety of industries and use cases such as also in the energy sector. As of now all energy related to blockchain applications are still in a concept stage. This paper aims to present the preliminary ideas of a research project that we have launched in collaboration with a small Fintech company: the Crypto-Trading project. From a research perspective we have explored how a blockchain-based system integrating smart contract functionality can be used to share energy in order to promote smart grids for the management of electricity in the Sardinia Region. From a technical perspective the project will implement a modular blockchain-based software platform for extending the features of cryptocurrency exchanges to the renewable Energy Market, including a robo-advisor which will suggest prosumers the best selling strategy. Blockchain technology shows a lot of promise. In our opinion this might boost the growth of renewable energy production and consequently also have a positive effect on the regional economy.

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