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Commentary on Biological Assets Cataloging and AI in the Global South

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Conference Paper

Samori, Issah Abubakari, Xavier-Lewis Palmer, Lucas Potter, and Saltuk Karahan. 2023. “Commentary on Biological Assets Cataloging and AI in the Global South.” In Intelligent Systems and Applications, edited by Kohei Arai, 734–44. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

The Global South is rich in biodiversity, and with that richness of Biological Assets, the continued discovery of new agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and other industrially beneficial bio-resources is possible. However, this biodiversity can also be a source of biologically dangerous materials. Key to gaining the ability to discover, sort, utilize, and properly evaluate these resources at pace with the Global North will require highly efficient means. This will likely rely on 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. One that is gaining traction is artificial intelligence. An under discussed topic is how the Global South is treating the intersection of their assets with AI, along with the capability to address this intersection. It is possible that vulnerabilities in cataloging endanger efforts which could obscure, misrepresent, or slow discovery and management of resources apparent. Herein, a commentary is provided on this potential, and possibly extant threat of academic distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS attacks), robbing the world of valuable insight and time in defending against novel threats.

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