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Collaborative consumption as a new trend of sustainable consumption

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Journal Article

Dabrowska, A., and K. Gutkowska. 2015. “Collaborative consumption as a new trend of sustainable consumption.” Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia 14 (2): 39–49.

In their article, the authors present the essence of sustainable consumption and the level of awareness among Polish consumers. A particular attention is paid to collaborative consumption as one of possible ways of implementation the idea of sustainable consumption. They made an attempt to characterise collaborative consumption and its manifestations in Poles’ behaviours. They paid attention to some aspects of consumers’ behaviours which may be treated as designata of the trend indicating, at the same time, the possible popularisation of those behaviours. Based on an analysis of the carried out quantitative research surveys, the authors defined the sociodemographic profile of consumers being supporters or opponents of collaborative consumption indicating that the issue of belonging to these categories is decided by the basic sociodemographic variables and awareness of the idea of collaborative consumption.

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