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Challenges and opportunities of internet of things

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Conference Paper

Chen, Yen-Kuang. 2012. “Challenges and opportunities of internet of things.” In . IEEE. and opportunities of internet of things.

To date, most Internet applications focus on providing information, interaction, and entertainment for humans. However, with the widespread deployment of networked, intelligent sensor technologies, an Internet of Things (IoT) is steadily evolving, much like the Internet decades ago. In the future, hundreds of billions of smart sensors and devices will interact with one another without human intervention, on a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) basis. They will generate an enormous amount of data at an unprecedented scale and resolution, providing humans with information and control of events and objects even in remote physical environments. The scale of the M2M Internet will be several orders of magnitude larger than the existing Internet, posing serious research challenges. This paper will provide an overview of challenges and opportunities presented by this new paradigm.

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