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Analyzing the relationship between digitalization and energy sustainability: A comprehensive ISM-MICMAC and DEMATEL approach

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Bagherian, Anthony, Mark Gershon, Sunil Kumar, and Manoj Kumar Mishra. 2024. “Analyzing the Relationship between Digitalization and Energy Sustainability: A Comprehensive ISM-MICMAC and DEMATEL Approach.” Expert Systems with Applications 236 (February): 121193.

The objective of this study is to develop a comprehensive framework for evaluating the interconnectivity of digital measurements that significantly contribute to energy sustainability in the European energy domain. Our research aims to clarify the challenges presented by the digital era and its influence on sustainable energy solutions. To achieve this, we employ the DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) approach and the MICMAC (Matrice d'Impacts Croisés-Multiplication Appliquée, à un Classement) methodology through a survey-based taxonomy of digital measurements. The resulting hierarchy and contextual linkages among critical measurements in Europe's energy domain shed light on ten key dimensions of digitalization for energy sustainability, including the “decision-making process” the “sustainable value chain,” the “sustainable supply chain,” “sustainable product life cycle,” and “interconnection of diverse equipment”. However, the “transformation of the energy market and ”smart manufacturing technologies“ play a significant role in energy sustainability. By prioritizing these dimensions, we aim to enhance convenience and effectiveness and diminish preservation in energy products. The practical implications of our framework can support institutions, experts, and academics in forecasting essential energy dimensions and complement ongoing research on digitalization and sustainable energy. Our research contributes novel insights into the analysis of digitalization dimensions within the European energy industry, leveraging a cohesive ISM (Interpretive Structural Modeling), MICMAC, and DEMATEL framework.

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