AI4People—An Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations

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Journal Article

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Minds and Machines




Luciano Floridi
Josh Cowls
Monica Beltrametti
Raja Chatila
Patrice Chazerand
Virginia Dignum
Christoph Luetge
Robert Madelin
Ugo Pagallo
Francesca Rossi
Burkhard Schafer
Peggy Valcke
Effy Vayena

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This article reports the findings of AI4People, an Atomium—EISMD initiative designed to lay the foundations for a “Good AI Society”. We introduce the core opportunities and risks of AI for society; present a synthesis of five ethical principles that should undergird its development and adoption; and offer 20 concrete recommendations—to assess, to develop, to incentivise, and to support good AI—which in some cases may be undertaken directly by national or supranational policy makers, while in others may be led by other stakeholders. If adopted, these recommendations would serve as a firm foundation for the establishment of a Good AI Society.