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A systematic survey on internet of things: Energy efficiency and interoperability perspective

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Journal Article

Rana, Bharti, Yashwant Singh, and Pradeep Kumar Singh. 2021. “A Systematic Survey on Internet of Things: Energy Efficiency and Interoperability Perspective.” Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 32 (8): e4166.

With the provision of rapid advancement in smart devices used in various technological fields exponentially increases the heterogeneity and energy consumption in internet of things (IoT). The technological leap in information and communication technology instigates the heterogeneity in smart devices, frameworks, architectures, communication technologies, and various industrial and nonindustrial applications. Therefore, a detailed taxonomy of IoT is proposed covering the diverse aspect of IoT lacking interoperability and energy efficiency. Existing research lacks the root causes of heterogeneity and energy consumption at the industrial and technological level. Keeping this in view, our research identified industrial integration and technological challenges. Moreover, we explore the effect on IoT devices when different types of energy harvesters are connected with IoT devices. Our comprehensive research addresses the various issues such as resource management, fog data analytics, energy consumption, heterogeneity, scalability, and the role of quality of service, data science, machine learning to accomplish interoperability and energy efficiency in IoT.

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