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A Sandbox Approach to Regulating High-Risk Artificial Intelligence Applications

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Journal Article

Truby, Jon, Rafael Dean Brown, Imad Antoine Ibrahim, and Oriol Caudevilla Parellada. 2021. “A Sandbox Approach to Regulating High-Risk Artificial Intelligence Applications.” European Journal of Risk Regulation, November, 1–29.

This paper argues for a sandbox approach to regulating artificial intelligence (AI) to complement a strict liability regime. The authors argue that sandbox regulation is an appropriate complement to a strict liability approach, given the need to maintain a balance between a regulatory approach that aims to protect people and society on the one hand and to foster innovation due to the constant and rapid developments in the AI field on the other. The authors analyse the benefits of sandbox regulation when used as a supplement to a strict liability regime, which by itself creates a chilling effect on AI innovation, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The authors propose a regulatory safe space in the AI sector through sandbox regulation, an idea already embraced by European Union regulators and where AI products and services can be tested within safeguards.

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