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A Review of Internet of Things-Based Visualisation Platforms for Tracking Household Carbon Footprints

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Journal Article

Olatomiwa, Lanre, James Garba Ambafi, Umar Suleiman Dauda, Omowunmi Mary Longe, Kufre Esenowo Jack, Idowu Adetona Ayoade, Isah Ndakara Abubakar, and Alabi Kamilu Sanusi. 2023. “A Review of Internet of Things-Based Visualisation Platforms for Tracking Household Carbon Footprints.” Sustainability 15 (20): 15016.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are the main causes of global climate change. This phenomenon impacts natural and human systems around the world through the rising global average surface temperature, extreme weather, changes in precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and ocean acidification. However, this concept is alien to most people in developing countries. They are also unaware of the connection between energy efficiency and climate change. This dearth of knowledge makes them opt for highly inefficient appliances. Internet of Things (IoT)-based visualisation platforms for tracking household carbon footprints (CFs) have been seen as a good concept for combating this global phenomenon; however, there are potential challenges and ethical restrictions that must be addressed when implementing platforms for tracking household CFs. It is also vital to consider the user’s viewpoint and current technological state to ensure successful implementation and adoption. As the literature in this area is rapidly developing, it is crucial to revisit it occasionally. This paper presents a systematic review of IoT-based visualisation platforms for household CFs, including their definitions, characteristics, decision-making processes, policy development, related services, benefits, challenges, and barriers to implementation. Finally, it offers suggestions for future research.

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