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A Review of Footprint analysis tools for monitoring impacts on sustainability

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Journal Article

Čuček, Lidija, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, and Zdravko Kravanja. 2012. “A Review of Footprint analysis tools for monitoring impacts on sustainability.” Journal of Cleaner Production, Recent Cleaner Production Advances in Process Monitoring and Optimisation, 34: 9–20.

This study presents an overview of footprints as defined indicators that can be used to measure sustainability. An overview of the definitions and units of measurement associated with environmental, social, and economic footprints is important because the definitions of footprints vary and are often expressed unclearly. Composite footprints combining two or more individual footprints are also assessed. These combinations produce multi-objective optimisation problems. Several tools for footprint(s)' evaluation are presented, including some of the numerous carbon footprint calculators, available calculators for other footprints, some ecological footprints-based, graph-based, and mathematical programming tools. A comprehensive overview is offered of footprint-based sustainability assessment.

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